Welcome to Club Lia Kinder!

We are...

A San Diego based firm that develops educational software focused on children 3-6 years old. Our content and exercises are based on official school curriculum and have been validated by education professionals that have worked with preschoolers and kindergartens for over 10 years.

With Club LIA kinder, your child will:

  • Reinforce skills obtained in the classroom through fun activities, songs and overall interaction.
  • Access to over 50 fun and engaging games developed just for him!
  • Improve his reading, learning and math skills.
  • Practice a second language! All of our games are bilingual!

Meet Lalo & Lia

Lia is a restless 4 years old that is curious, playful and makes friends easy. She likes to draw, dance and sing.

Lalo, also 4 years old, is a well-educated gentleman, smart and a tech-geek. He wants to develop video games when he grows up.

You can join them in their fun in any of Club Lia Kinder games:

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For more information:

Send us an email to info@clubliakinder.com

or give us a call at (619) 942-6366